IconPhile Beta 2.1

Change all icons on your system easily


  • Works with all icons
  • Customizable icon groups
  • You can add new file types


  • Icon update takes a while

Very good

File icons are generally easy to change: all you have to do is open the Properties window, go to the Customize tab and click on the Change Icon button.

Unfortunately this easy trick doesn't work with all files. There are certain icons, such as My PC, My Documents or the Recycle bin, that can't be customized that easily. For those cases, IconPhile is the perfect alternative: an icon manager that allows you to change just about any icon on your system – including those previously mentioned.

IconPhile features a simple interface that makes it really easy to use. Select from the drop-down the type of files whose icon you want to modify and then right-click on each one of them to select a new icon for them. The program also offers the possibility to restore those files to their default icons anytime. The icon update takes a while, but at least it doesn't require system restart.

IconPhile supports all popular extensions and system icons, and gives you the possibility to reorganize them into customizable groups and also add new file types.

With IconPhile you can easily customize the icon of any file type on your PC, including those system files that can't be changed through the Properties menu.



IconPhile Beta 2.1

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